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Client Care Services

These are a few of the community service programs we participate in while also supporting the efforts of our employees that are personally involved in volunteer efforts in the community.

Memorial Webcasting

As a convenience to our military families we offer Memorial Webcasting so family members who are serving our country and cannot attend services still have an opportunity to attend services via the internet.

Public Servant Funeral Program

We provide funeral, cemetery services and merchandise at no charge to any police officer, fireman or other public servant who has given their life in the line of duty.

Veteran's Burial Program

We offer Complimentary burial space in our cemeteries, and provide families another, convenient option, other than the National Cemetery. Many families have shared with us that they are unable to make the trip to the National Cemetery to visit their loved ones.

Children's Program

Any parent who loses a baby, under the age of two years, is provided a funeral and cemetery service at no charge.

Children's Cancer Fund of New Mexico

Because of the difficulty of losing a child to cancer, and the months of stress and financial hardship, we offer the Children's Cancer Group funeral and cemetery service at no charge.

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